The Amish Kitchen

The Amish Kitchen offers you 100% authentic Amish goods. All items are handmade from scratch, the old fashioned way. Only hand selected, high quality, farm fresh ingredients are used in, "The Amish Kitchen." The Amish pride themselves on providing a whole, natural, preservative free food. Their recipes chosen for you to experience have been passed on from generation to generation. Each batch is precisely hand measured and carefully mixed to ensure a traditional taste you will not forget!

Interesting Amish Facts

Surprisingly, the Amish population has doubled over the past 20 years. Over 265,000 Amish adults and children live in North America. The Amish community places great value on their religion, families and old fashioned values. They live a very simple life, most Amish don't use electricity. Their mode of transportation during every season of the year is horse and buggy. Amish families typically have between 6 - 8 children. The Amish speak both Pennsylvania German and English fluently.